Texas Hold’em Odds – How Can I Avoid Bad Beats In Texas Hold’em?

This article will focus on Texas Hold’em Odds and how to avoid bad beats.

When I first started playing poker 7 years ago I remember I used to play a tournament called the 40k guaranteed on Party Poker. It was only a 22 dollar buy in but 1st prize would always be over 10k, an amazing prize pool if you could make it. Well what do you know after about 6 hours of playing I was at the final table. Now remember, as young as I was I had not much money to my name. My bankroll was probably a whopping 200 dollars.

Anyways, there was 9 people left. Every place that you moved up was about an extra 700-thousand dollars. I get dealt AA on the button. I am sitting next to a player who had been LUCKY the whole tournament. I am talking this guy would PUSH with anything. He would have 10 9 , push his stack and win. Anyways he raises about 3x the BB. I tell myself this is the time, I am pushing. If I win this pot I am chipleader. He CALLS with Q 9 offsuit. Guess what the flop comes??

8 10 J

He flops the nuts.

I literally took my laptop and threw it on the floor. I went out 9th and won I believe it was 700-800 dollars. I just couldn’t believe how someone could do that??

This is what started my addiction of poker, and has led me to many great wins. There are TERRIBLE players out there. If you play EVERYDAY you WILL BEAT THEM. I promise you. Over time, your hands will hold up.

Don’t play above your bankroll and don’t TILT yourself. Learn the game and you will defe

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